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Greatest Showman 2017

Celebrate the birth of a business show and tell the visionaries who rose from nothing to create a following and became a worldwide sensation.

Director: Michael Gracey author: Jenny Bicks (Screenplay by), Bill Condon (Screenplay by)

Yatim, Sabah and hard work with a heart full of memories and new ideas, Taylor Barnum would Corp Phinea remembered as a man with a gift for the little line abruptly between truth and the lie. Thirsty and hungry for success, tailor’s son tries to open a Museum to your faith, but soon will turn the focus to beauty and love, introducing peculiar, not-always-go to the sea of life in the Circus stage. Some have called the Barnum, a collection of oddities, strange shows; But at the time of performance of the equipment and the best of all opera singers Jenny Lind-great body, it may have lost sight of the most important part of his life: his family. All accepted Barnum?


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Le magicien dOz 1939

Dorothy Gale dedicated away from the farm in Kansas magical Land of the Oz Tornado and set a mission with his new friends to see a magician who can help him come home from Kansas and help his friends too.

Directors: Victor Fleming, George Cubkor (credited)

In this charming film based on popular stories by L. Frank Baum, Dorothy and his dog Toto caught the path of the tornado and somehow the end of the state of Oz. Here she finds some memorable friends and enemies on her journey to find the Wizard of Oz when Al La says helps you get back home and maybe give her For new friends your goals of brain, heart and courage.