Hello Neighbor

An ordinary suburban house is becoming a scene of excitement and mystery in the Hello neighbor, a stealth horror game with an unusual animated style art. In this game you play the intruder secret in your neighbor’s House. Your nearest is on alert, and he is not going to let you get away with it. You need stealth, cunning, fraud and a bit of luck to escape from your anger.

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Jolly, colorful cartoon neighborhood setup a Hello nearest make a ridiculous environment for a stealth horror game. However, as the game continues, you will start to see that not everything is right in the House just across the street. The Delvaneto in the secret would mean to meet the Adaptive AI, who learn from your choices and develop new strategies to catch. Fortunately, different elements and interacting parts of the environment can help you take your enemy and confused. Find your nearest’s House and you will find that clues and tools on your quest for the secret of exactly what this mustahioed is weird.

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If you like Norman Rockwell’s charm mix, puzzle-solving and stealth-in your games, you will surely want to check out Hello neighbor. It is a very charming game with a real atmosphere of excitement and a dark pest.

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