KGB Archiver

KGB Archiver is a software package that allows users to press files in more manageable formats. This will free up additional storage space and remove the connector on the desktop. Works in much the same way as with WINZIP, this package tends to offer more light advantages and it has a completely free feature and ACCESSORIESKGB Archiver can efficiently compress most of the file types available. They are uploaded and saved in the selected folder. Then you can open files with tools or other common decompression tools like WINZIP. There are many different compression settings and they are designed to reduce the file size to the desired level. It is very easy to work with and user-friendly interface usually does not require a lot of previous experience with this type (Function () {(“Overview-App-page-Desktop”);}); Additional featuresthere may be a time when the file must be encrypted and compressed. KGB Archiver offers this possibility. Uses AES-256 encryption; One of the most secure methods on the market. This helps protect your personal information by spreading your eyes. High compactionary ensures that most files can be considered within a short timeframe.

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