SopCast is an application that allows you to watch TV channels online for free, and also spread your own. Use Peer to Peer (P2P) technology so you don’t need great bandwidth or servers.

The beauty of transmission through P2P is that anyone can post anything they want, making it an incredibly democratic medium. The two programs mentioned above are good examples of technology in operation but SopCast (called “SoP” is the abbreviation for “streaming over P2P”) is probably even better because it allows you to easily upload your own channels.

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In the latest version of Sopcast, there is virtually no noticeable change user interface, so it is still very easy to use. During installation, you will be asked if you want to install a search bar that you can select by selecting the checkbox. When I run SopCast, you can enter anonymously or, if you are configuring your channel, create your own account using the link at the bottom. When you subscribe to SopCast, simply click on the Live channel tabs so you can see the channel listings. The first thing you will notice is the number of channels to choose from. Not completely all here dark Chinese channels mainstream offerings like Discovery Channel (although again, you can find many programs or dubbed or subtitled in Chinese). Some SopCast channels are organized, such as news and sports, but these classes can be unreliable and lower to go, just undecided.

TV Pop-out screen

The SopCast channel window appears on the player side, but you can extend this fullscreen or export it to the Windows Media player using the Visio Control Panel. This really separates SopCast from other P2P TV streaming applications. If you want to use a different media player (such as VLC player), you can do so by clicking the Options button at the bottom of the main interface.

Send your own programs

SopCast Big Draw, however, and the reason why many of your channels seem to have ruined the mess, is that you can send your channel to it. Once the program is described, edited and downloaded on your computer, just transmit it through Sopcast and select the address of the server where people can connect and view

Quality depends on other users

The quality of the SopCast transmission depends to a large extent on the number of people associated (the more users they have, the faster the video stream is). You can also create your own private channel and decide what users can see by creating a network group, allowing you to run your own TV channel SopCast personal.


SopCast may seem a little confusing for the user for the first time, but despite the expertise of the Chinese channels, it offers a completely new World TV watch. What’s more, it gives you the opportunity to start your own channel!

Fixed a bug in Mysop that would block the client.

Fix bug that the channel has no image on any old Pcschangesfix bug in Mysop that would block the client.

Fix bug that the channel has no image on any old PC

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