Bus Driver

If you have ever dreamed of taking control of your own bus and then looking at the bus driver, it is a remarkably cheerful simulator, and your task is to carry passengers around urban environments. Your mission is to follow the graphics in obeying the laws and to ensure that you do not upset or injure passengers. The bus driver must be yafuatilini. However, there is also no game, although there are five different levels of power and obtaining bonuses for the movement of laws and your timetable (function () {(‘ Review-app-Desktop ‘);}); The city employs five buses and different areas, 30, and various weather conditions at different times of the day. There are various buses that match a bus driver such as a school bus, a tourist bus, a view from the bus and even a bus from the prisoner transport. The environment for launching the entire bus driver made the reality of a more polite system even ‘ learning ‘ to launch a slightly preventive and well-established vector graphics and often a pretty dull gameplay, but for those who love the coach or Sims to run Redinol alone, the bus driver is a lot of fun.

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